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Purchase Coattails Wine Here.  Horsetail, Coattails, Etzel Brothers.  Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Willamette Valley and Napa Valley.

Coattails Pinot Noir


Coattails Pinot Noir

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Our flagship Coattails label from 2016 is made entirely from our most coveted vineyard source under the Etzel Brothers portfolio.  The Sunny Mountain Vineyards’ terroir has proven to express its brooding opulence even in the complex vintage of 2016, linked with the expert viticultural efforts of vineyard owners – Steven and Sally Price.  The wine is driven by equal proportions of dark fruit and spice layered with a core of slate-like minerality.  On the palate it is marked by a middle of the pack-weightiness, which will develop for a respectable 10-15 year timespan underneath its solid, fresh, and natural acid profile.

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